International Seminars

International Conferences:

In each of our conferences, the participants (members and staff) jointly create an institution of limited duration, the aim of which is to learn from experience about roles, and the conscious and unconscious processes that are inherent to all human systems which are dedicated to a common task. Those processes are identified and analyzed as they take place

Throughout the conference members have opportunities to participate in different types of subsystems, each of them with specific chores, and in which members will take diverse roles, exercising their authority and displaying their leadership.

Thus, experience, which is the only way of learning to discover and transform human actions and institutions, will be the axis of all learnings which are unique for each member according to their singular experience the Conference.

In its conferences, InnovAccion opens a space for diversity, more precisely to discover potentialities of leadership in diversity. In order to accomplish that, it conscious promotes the encounter of members from very different origin.

Every year InnovAccion organizes in Peru and in cooperation with IFSI two International Conferences:

  • Leadership for Tranformaction in Life and the Institution
  • F.L.A.M. Femininity . Leadership . Authority . Masculinity for the Transformation in Life and the institution.
  • Methodology
    Leadership for Transformation in Life and the Institution