What is InnovAcción?

What is InnovAccion?

Is a nonprofit organization geared to people who want to take leadership roles, or who are already in such a role and participate in processes of innovation and transformation of their own roles, their institutions and society.

Primary Task

To offer opportunities to learn from experience to discover and understand the very complex conscious and unconscious processes that take place in all human systems, applying what has been learnt to transform one's own role and the institutions of which one is part.


With the aim of contributing to the strenghtening of institutions and social cohesion, InnovAccion realizes activities that allow learning from experience about different themes related to the development of leadership, the exercise of authority and taking roles that contribute to institutional transformation. These activities are also of special relevance to those who seek training as professional consultants.

In InnovAccion we see the development of leadership, not as an inner capacity of the individuals, but as a function-in-relation. Therefore, we do not seek to "capacitate", but to facilitate a learning experience that can be used to transform imagines, roles, and social relations, which is in reality the essential function of the leader.


It was created in 2002 in Lima-Peru by Beatriz Boza, Max Hernández, Jorge Parodi, Saúl Peña and Anat Ziff. It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of recognized specialists in the human field

Since its creation and in cooperation with the International Forum of Social Innovation (IFSI-FIIS), InnovAccion has organized eleven international conferences, eight editions of "Leadership for the Transformaction in Life and in the Institution", and three of "F.L.A.M Femininity. Leadership . Authority . Masculinity for the transformation in life and the Institution",

well as different training workshops in the field of consultancy and Institutional transformation. In addition, InnovAccion has contributed in the carrying out of equivalent seminars in France, Spain, The Nederlands, Cuba, Australia. It has also contributed to the formation of a team of consultans that work within Peru and abroad with leaders of the private as well as public sectors.

To this date more than 380 persons have participated, from 160 national and foreign institutions, including companies and organizations of the most diverse nature.

At present InnovAccion has 28 members, that meet in two-hour monthly meetings during which they participate in activities carried out using the methodology of and for Institutional transformation.

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