How to become a member


  • To have been a member of any one of the seminars organized by InnovAcción or its partner institutions.
  • Presentation of a membership application to the Board of Directors
    Payment of the annual fee for membership
    Desire to commit oneself to the primary task of InnovAcción

    Member Benefits

    InnovAcción Reading Group:

    InnovAcción Reading Group: The wish to continue learning led us to organize a Reading group was first expressed in a monthly meeting towards the end of 2008. The group itself started in April of the following year, after Easter 2009. We have met uninterruptedly for over three years. The participants have been increasing and now we are 10 members, meeting every second Monday of each month. To be part of the group you have to express your wish and commitment to the task of reading and attend the meetings. We have reviewed several texts that help us understand at a much deeper level the process of Institutional Transformation. The readings come from the psychoanalytic theory and the theory of open systems.

    Other Benefits

    Monthly meetings, workshops for members, participation in the shared management of the board of directors, possibility to contribute to the development and the institutional and social transformation in Peru.


    Assist to the called meetings and participate actively in the institutional activities. Support the dissemination of the primary task of InnovAcción and of the methodology of Institutional Transformation. Cooperate in order to achieve that the impact of the activities organized by InnovAcción reach the most diverse areas of society.