Seminarios Internacionales


  • From the experience of being a member of the temporary institution which is created and concludes in each Seminar, every member has the opportunity to reflect on how he or she acts within it, how he or she is perceived by the group, how he or she impacts the group and at the same is impacted by it. In this way every participant can come to understand the nature of a system, the roles he or she takes in it and can transform his or her role and the system.

    Each participant can discover how his experience is conditioned by his inner world and by the conscious and unconscious processes of the group.

    For the learning process, it is fundamental to recognize and accept feelings, fantasies, longings and desires, because they offer to each participant a valuable source of information about him or herself and of the group as a system.

    As the Seminars imply a non conventional form of learning, it is not necessary to have specific previous training or a particular education. The only necessary condition is to have the desire to explore and to learn from the experience.

    This learning methodology was developed over 50 years ago by the Tavistock Institute of London. IFSI-FIIS in Paris has been applying it and developing it further since more than 30 years, including the work on innovation and institutional transformation. Since 10 years it is being applied in Peru by InnovAcción.

  • Methodology
    Leadership for Transformation in Life and the Institution