What is InnovAcción?


InnovAccion starts up from the following considerations:

  • In a changing world, the organizations can only survive and develop if they innovate and transform themselves
  • There is a strong inter-dependency between leadership, innovation, and institutional and social transformation. Innovation and transformation are not possible without persons who take the leadership of their lives and their institution.
  • It is only possible to discover and to act in the field of the institution, leadership, authority, innovaccion and transformation, with a methodology of learning from experience.
  • For institutional transformation it is essential to take into account and to understand the non- rational, unconscious, processes of human behavior. It has long been proven that the merely objective analysis in institutions is highly insufficient and hard to be sustained over time.
  • InnovAccion offers the opportunity to discover one's own authority and capacity for leadership, as well as to exercise and develop it. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to begin to transform ones own roles within the temporary event that is created in each Conference.

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