Area of Consultancy of InnovAccion (ACI)

InnovAccion has an area of Consultancy dedicated to the development of activities related with the transformation of roles, the development of leadership, the exercise of authority and institutional transformation. In order to accomplish that, it has a staff of local and international highly qualified Consultants

The services it offers are the following:

  • Individual consultancy in leadership
  • Individual consultation for the analysis and transformation of leadership roles.

  • Groups for the study of Transformation of roles (GET)
  • For those who want to review and transform the roles taken in the institution of which they are part, within a group setting

  • Institutional Interventions
  • Designed and developed according the specific needs of the organization or institution.

  • Projects for Institutional Transformation
  • Mid and long-term programs designed for institutions, organizations, and enterprises interested in innovation and their transformation

  • ESAT - Space Service, Learning and Transformation
  • It is a form of consulting that we have applied in the monthly meetings of InnovAcción and now we provide the members of our seminars. In consecutive 45-minute sessions a participant presents a case of institutional character and working with a consultant InnovAcción, with the presence of a number of observers.

    In this area of our service to you, you'll work through experience that does not even finish develop, understand and integrate. You can also participate as active observer in sessions in which others share their experiences, give your contribution to making joint awareness of the underlying dynamics.

    If you expose your experience and work with the consultant, we will ask a symbolic contribution of 50 soles; and if you prefer to participate as active observer's contribution is 20 soles. You see, this area is focused on a new experience in which as you know, design and institutional change are our reason for being.

    If you wish to participate or receive more information please email us at the following address: