Comments from Participants of Previous Conferences

"It was a great experience in my life. How it helped me in overcoming so many fears! It was opening much more to my creativity and to society, to that which I have to offer for change. It was from there that I decided to turn into a book my studies on the emotional damage that traumatic experiences leave (as in the last earthquake), and how to prevent them".
Carmen Morales
Psychologist and psychotherapist.
Professor Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón

One finds oneself, suddenly and without looking for it (even avoiding it), in a path that leads to encountering oneself, as individual and as member of a society. This recognition and acceptance of that which one is –in the middle of strangers who end up becoming partners- awakens from joy to weariness but, above all, promotes a space to ask oneself if the road one has traced has all the stops, companies and detours that it deserves. An experience which I can only recommend.
Carlos Heeren 
Apoyo Consultoría;
University Professor Escuela de Post Grado de la Universidad del Pacífico

This conference meant for me a great opportunity to break many mental models, a great experience to learn from experience, to question oneself and to re-think the role one takes as a Leader in all areas of his life. Deffinitely it is the perfect space to open up to change certain aspects in our life and to iniciate the process of transformation.
Sandra Romero Oroza 
Manager of Human Resources

"A great opportunity for exploring unknown aspects of myself and for discovering characteristics of society through the experiences with the other participants. Peru requires to be transformed and there is no way to accomplish this if leaders are not capable of giving a new meaning to their social environment. Transformation is an act of resignification. And I think this is a wonderful opportunity to learn and to redefine within a group the roles that each one holds" .
Baltazar Caravedo  

"This experience contributes tools to the manager and directive to better understand and administer the relationships between the enterprise and the environment".
Beatriz Boza  
Executive Director CAD Ciudadanos al Dia

"My experience in InnovAccion was that of a quantum jump in my process of personal growth. Besides, it allowed me to look at the unconscious part of the processes that normally are experienced in an enterprise which we are not necessarily aware of: authority, leadership, development, formation of groups. It is opening the door and hope to a transformation of our society, one by one, here and now"..
Mario Coronado
Manager of Corporate Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility,
Telefónica del Perú

I encountered an overwhelming force that invited me to a journey within myself and at the same time as part of an institutional team. I decided to plunge in the depths and realized that my individual transformation was totally involved with that of the team. My notion of identity changed; now I feel myself and part of an "us". Discovering this richness compels me to give testimony and to act accordingly. I arrived at this learning not by books, but from experience, which is difficult to tell about; one has to live it. A committed, honest, transparent and self-critical staff reconciled me with the possibility of belonging to an institution. I feel that I came out deeply renewed and with the desire to engage increasingly more in social transformation.
Inés Cottle Pazos

As individual, this seminar has helped me to see and feel life in a different way, which has impacted me personally, in relation to my family, and in the role that I take in the institution I represent. It has been and unmatchable experience which I wish I would have been able to have earlier; nevertheless, it is never late to re-initiate a learning process pro-transformation.
Luis Eduardo Romero 

"I am convinced that an experience as this one opens diverse opportunities in life and allows us to discover those rational and emotional capacities that we had not explored before. The experiential dynamics of the workshop produced the adequate space for reflecting upon and learning about human relations".
Javier Abugattas  
Consultant in Integral Development. 

What I learned in Innovaccion’s Seminar has helped me to recognise assumptions and unconscious mechanisms of my organisation, necessary condition to review them critically and to initiate their transformation in whatever could be needed. Becoming aware of processes, roles, limitations, and possible paths allowed me to liberate energy that had been contained and that I was incapable of benefiting from. Today I work in a more efficient way, I take decisions with more confidence, I see potential where I did not see it before.
Susanne Friese
Manager of Human Resources – KLM.
Real Holandesa de Aviación, Sucursal Perú

"The conference stirred entrails. As if it were not enough, it also offered spaces of thinking. Its effects have continued for months".
Eduardo Gastelumendi  

The potency of experiential learning, when the unconscious dimension is explicitly stated, allowed me to discover that when a blindfold falls that which is disclosed produces an effect so potent and liberating that it can be permanent. I discovered that not taking the risk of recognising and expressing our emotions is denying ourselves the possibility and right to Live, conforming ourselves to Survival. I sustain myself in the desire of a richer Life, less corrupt and of naked feet leaving prints next to mine.
Soledad Mendoza   
Consultant in topics of leadership

I read many books on leadership, attended several workshops on organisational leadership, I taught courses in specialized leadership, but never understood what it really meant until I lived the experience of the Seminar. Now I do not try to teach it; I only help to discover it...!
José Luis Villacorta Cedrón
Jefe del Departamento de Gestión de Liderazgo,
Banco de Crédito BCP

You don’t know how much the seminar helped me in my task of Director of the Synmphonic Orchestra, to manage a dynamic of 87 persons, to become aware that in groups there are forces and if I recognise and communicate with them, I can lead them, channel them creatively.
Mina Maggiolo 
National Symphonic Orchestra

It has been my third participation: once in France, once in UK, and once in Lima. Why did I attend in Peru? Because I thought the experience would be stronger and more efficient in a distant place from my usual living place. And it has been the case: a strong staff, highly motivated students, a nice location. How could I escape from a strong involvement? I recommend this seminar for those who intend to better understand themselves, to modify their interactions with their environment, to have the courage to grow.
Francois Meslier 
Eurelectric Delegate, EDF (Electricity of France, Paris)

"It is a unique experience. Because of its dynamic design, it has had a lasting efficacy for me. The most valuable aspect of the workshop was being exposed to revelations starting from group exploration".
Clelia Trelancia    

In the Seminar I lived experiences that I do not if they were real or dreamt, but through them I could discover the way to overcoming barriers and prejudices that hinder us from developing freely within our organisations. I recommend Innovaccion especially to all those who think they do not need a space for reflection in order to encounter and rediscover themselves
Ydania Roncalla
Estudio Navarro, Ferrero & Pazos

I recognised that I had spent my life confronting authoritarianisms and that I was made of the same making. Although I had been able to build a “modern” organisation, I had built it predominantly on the basis of bilateral affective relations. That way I assured for myself all-proof fidelity. Thus my power would never be threatened. However, neither it enriched my authority. Now that we are building a pyramid with its base in command, as well as a circle in the creative processes, I face new dilemmas. But, without doubt, the organisation I lead is better: conflict is where the productiveness of our work stems from.
Sandro Venturo Schultz 
Strategy Director
Toronja / agency of integral communications

"I discovered myself wrapped in my own fears, resisting change, holding on the known. The group was the most solid space for liberation. In a search sometimes confusing but finally beautiful, we were able to recognize ourselves as men and women with a potential for leadership, capable of engendering humanity, innovating life, history in the here and now".
Lucrecia Aliaga Sidia  
Sierva de San José
President of the Confederation of Religious Orders in Peru

"Time past and future becomes an active present, that enables the strengthening of the lived experience and the long range vision. In this sense, the force of transformation continues in- crescendo".
Lisbeth Sánchez  
AFS Perú Intercultural Programs

"I have the sensation of it being precisely what I was looking for in this moment of my life. I feel fortunate for having been able to participate".
María Paz de la Puente

As educator and individual, the experience of the Seminar has been really impacting, clarifying the true barriers in our perception, communication, interaction, group work and learning, aside from the role of the unconscious in every act of our lives. If we do not know ourselves we will not be able to improve and even less impact the future of others.
Luis Angel Piazzon  
Main Professor in Finances
ESAN University

Having traveled such a distance from Australia to Peru to attend the conference, I was hoping that the travel would be worth it. I was not disappointed. Through the powerful learning process of the conference I was able to understand how I was being perceived in my place of work back home and how this needed to be transformed if I wanted to be more effective in my work. Things came to the surface for me, that I had been unable to see previously. It was extremely useful for my career.
Rebekah O’Rourke   
Melbourne Australia


"It allowed me to liberate energy that had been contained, which I was unable to benefit from".

"I could discover the path to overcome barriers and prejudices that hinder us to grow and develop freely within our organisations".

"Today I work in a more efficient manner, take decissions with more self-assurance, I see potential where I did not see it before".

"I realize that my individual transformation is totally related to that of the team".

"I was able to understand how I was being perceived in my work place and how I had to transform that, if I wanted to be more effective in my work".

"It helped me to manage a dynamic of 87 persons, to become aware that within the groups there are forces and that if I recognize them and communicate with them, I can liberate them, channelling them creatively".

"It allowed me to see the unconscious part of the processes that are normally experienced in an enterprise".

"It has been useful for me in thinking clearly and distinctively what is and what is no a leader".

"It was opening the door and the hope to a transformation of our society, one by one, here and now".


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